Monday, June 6, 2011


Hello sweet ladies and good Monday morning. I am starting a new series for Monday mornings called "Perspective". This will be an attempt, by me, to settle some things from my different perspective. Or, to try to convict some of the error in their ways, lol, without punching them in the face.

Time magazine has 25 million subscribers

Ladies, would you like Time magazine put a picture of your daughter on the cover? In her bathing suit? How about your son without his shirt? Or in the bathtub?

Facebook has 250 million subscribers

Let me say that again, 250 million men, women and perverts.

Get the idea?

Think over the pictures you post to your facebook account. Look through your child's facebook pictures. Eliminate anything you wouldn't want 250 million people to see. Do not become complacent with your child's innocence. Do not sell your child's virtue for a "awww isn't she cute in her skin tight bikini" moment.

Blessings, Tracylea

(this is a small part of the "radical" I took the poll about, lol)


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