Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Starting your day right with the minimum

Starting your day with the minimum~!

Just to make things clear sweet sisters, I know the only way to start your day right is to start it with the Lord. So do that, everyday, without a reminder from your sister Tracylea. But today's topic is doing the minimum, just for today, to start your day right. There are three minimum things you need to do each day.

1.) Make your bed the moment you wake up. YES. All the way. Clear everything off and make it neatly. Your bedroom may be a mess, but make the bed. When the littles, or bigs in my case, wake up, have them make their beds too. Nice huh? Next:

2.) Go through your house and open all the curtains and blinds, even in the rooms where there are sleepers. If you live in a warm climate open at least one window. Let the sunshine in, or the clouds for that matter. Next:

3.) Go to your kitchen. Take everything off the kitchen table. EVERYTHING. Put it away, throw it away or find it a home. Next....are you ready.....put on a tablecloth. Yes, I mean it. I know it will get spilled on, it will get messy, do it anyway, just please trust me on this one. If you don't have a tablecloth use a pretty towel, sheet or piece of material, anything that may brighten the room. Look for tablecloths on sale or at the thrift store. At the end of your day, take the table cover off and put in the wash and find one for the next day. I have 10, crazy!!!, but have bought them over the years at less than $5.00 each (on a personal preference note here, I like all cotton ones, not the flannel backed kind, but that is up to you).

Ok, so take a look around. Looks better huh. At least a little~! Try doing this "minimum" for the next week, everyday. Let me know how it worked out. I will pray that this brings about a "minimum" amount of change in your keeping of your home. Ask your husband or children what they think. I imagine it will make a surprising difference.

And sweet friends, back to my original thought. Sisters if you are not meeting with the Lord first thing in the morning, all this will be for nothing. Take a few minutes and seek His will for your day. You won't regret it!@!

Blessings, Tracylea

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  1. Those are great ideas! I love opening up the blinds in the morning and getting all the natural sunlight in our home.

    Stopping by from Time Warp Wife!



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