Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hair Care

I want to start by saying that my hair is really more of this color normally.  My mother is a redhead and I like to think I have some of her red in my hair. The pictures below are in the sunshine.

And as these pictures show, I have very naturally curly hair, did I say VERY!


Ok enough of the pictures, lol. 

About Christmas time I decided, through much blog reading, to start looking for alternatives for washing my hair.  I am a very lazy person when it comes to hair.  The Lord God knew this and gave me hair that is pretty easy to do.  I wash it, let it dry some and then blow dry it.  I usually pull it off my face with a headband or in a ponytail.  I was starting to notice that it was getting dry and a bit frizzy on the ends. Naturally curly hair is very hard to care for.  It gets too dry or too oily very fast and can very easily become a rats-nest?    About this time I bought my usual round of soap from my friend Leah Terry at River's Edge Country Store on Etsy.  I decided, after asking her if she thought it would work, to try to wash my hair with her Lavendar  Lace bar soap.  I loved it.  It did lather, it smelled good and my hair got clean.  Actually cleaner than normal, squeeky clean. But I worried that it might take some of the curl out.  As the pictures my dh took today prove,  not so.  If anything it has made my hair curlier.  I do still use a conditioner about every third time  (one made with goats milk) but I am so pleased with using this soap instead of store bought shampoo. 

This is a good example of thinking outside of the box, just not too outside of the box.  I had read about shampoo's not being good for you. Shampoo's drying out your hair and they can be very expensive.  So I decided to make a switch.  And this is where I landed. 

I want to encourage you.  Is there something you want to change in your life.  Just a little something.  Think outside the box. 
Ask yourself:  Can I do this different?  Can I be more healthy?  More thrifty?*

Wanna try something new?  Different?  Out of the box?  Go for it.   I hope to challenge you to try something new.  Like making butter, or washing your hair with natural bar soap.**  Let me know how it goes.

Blessings sweet friends,  Tracylea

*River's Edge Soap is about $5 dollars including shipping. I am still using the same bar I bought 3 months ago. I actually expect it to last at least 6 more months, with every day washing.
**I do want to say that I used this soap as shampoo all on my own. It is advertised as natural handmade soap. Not shampoo. If you try and don't get the same results, I will be sorry, but Leah is not making these claims I am. I have used River's Edge soaps for about a year and have had fantastic results from them.  You may make your own soap or purchase them from anyone, but I can only vouch for my hair and River's Edge Natural Soap.


  1. Hi Traceylea, Lovely post - I also make all our own natural soap here (have for a few years now), so just a thought for you to make it a little easier washing your hair with the cake of soap.... you can grate some of the soap and put it in a pot with some water on top of the stove, keep stirring until all the soap has melted, when it cools you will be left with a more liquified version (if too liquid add more grated soap, if still too thick add more water) It will become thicker as it cools down. Hugs, Sharm

  2. I have never tried using bar soap for my hair. I have a wonderful friend who makes soap and she sends me some every now and then. I am currently using Dr. Bronner's lavender castile soap as a shampoo and I like it.



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