Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Butter

Hello friends.

Yesterday we made butter, it was so easy, and so worth it.  Everyone should try!


1 quart ball jar with lid and ring
1 pint organic heavy cream
1 TBS sea salt

To do:

Pour pint of cream into jar.  Seal jar tight with lid and ring.  Start shaking, shake some more, and more............... 20 minutes should notice the cream getting solid.  Shake some more but much harder and faster..........5 minutes should see a large chub of yellow butter surrounded by butter milk. (we watched a movie and all took turns shaking) You are now done.   Pour the buttermilk into a clean jar and save for later in fridge, don't forget to label it with name and date. Take butter from jar and pat into ball under cold running water.  Place in sealed container in fridge, be sure to label with name and date.  Good of 7 days if it last that long.

Blessings Tracylea

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