Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Favorite Blogs: Like A Bubbling Brook

I stumbled on this blog quite by accident (or not). And just love it. Even the name Like A Bubbling Brook is fun to say!

Here is a little about one of my new favorites:

Welcome to Like a Bubbling Brook!

I’m Jaime, a very blessed thirty-something mama, married for over ten years to the man that I adore, Pierre. He’s a minister who loves God and his family with his whole heart. In the very little spare time he has, he enjoys mountain biking and endurance cycling. A couple of years ago he completed a 100-mile ride!

Did I mention I love this man? He is a dream come true.

We have two boys. Our oldest, Gentry, is five. He loves it when we read together, play silly games, or when he gets to help me in the kitchen. He’s incredibly smart; just yesterday he told me all about the Wright Brothers, and how they owned a bike shop before they started building gliders! He is a sweet boy and loves to talk to anyone who will listen.

Our youngest son is Preston. He is such a happy little man, and so sociable! He has the most amazing smile… it lights up the room. Do you know the kind of smile I’m talking about?

We live a simple life compared to most, I think. We try very hard to be good stewards and glorify God with our health, finances, and time. We have personal convictions about doing our best to live without debt shadowing our lives, so that we may be able to work for God without unnecessary financial pressures, and so that we may be able to do more to bless others. We fulfilled a long-time dream and purchased our current home debt-free in July 2007.

We believe that it is primarily our responsibility to train and disciple our children. We just began homeschooling our oldest son last fall, and it brings me so much joy to witness those “aha!” moments in Gentry’s life as he learns and grows. It is an honor to teach him that God has a plan and purpose for his life, and that everything he learns has its roots in God’s word. Home education is a privilege we are grateful for.

We try to eat wholesomely. Many of the foods you’ll find in our kitchen are all natural, and almost everything we eat at home is made from scratch. Our dinners are healthy and usually cost less than $5 to make if I’ve properly shopped the sales and stocked up when prices were low. I try to share a healthy, "real food" recipe here on LABB at least once a week.

And me? I love to cook, bake, read, tend to my tiny garden, consignment shop, and cozy up with my family. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, as I sit curled up on the couch, Bible in hand, in the early morning hours. As a stay-at-home mama with a graduate degree, I have an insatiable itch to study and research just about any worthy thought out there. I also love the challenge of living well on less.

That’s our little family. I’d love to hear about yours sometime. Let’s keep in touch!

In His Service,

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Jaime is so wonderful and her blog is wonderful too. Please go here to enjoy it. Blessings, Tracylea

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