Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogs I visit daily: Blessed Homemaking

Hello friends. How are you? We are busy here in the Slinkard household. Weddings, graduations and possibilities!

I have been wanting to direct you to a friends blog, Blessed Homemaking, for some time! It truly is one of the prettiest around, her writing is God centered and Mrs. Q is an inspiration to me! Here is some info about her and her blog:

~Hello! Thank you for stopping by to visit me here on Blessed Homemaking. The purpose of this blog is to encourage you in the role of being a keeper at home. I hope you will stay awhile and take a little rest here with me. Enjoy your visit and please drop me a line to let me know you were here.~

I am a homemaker, wife, & homeschooling mom of 6 wonderful children here on earth and two in Heaven with Jesus. We have 5 girls and 1 boy. They are a source of great joy for me. I am by no means an expert on homemaking, but I love the title "Keeper at Home" that God has given me and would love to share my adventures and learning experiences I have with you along the way on this most sacred journey.

I love to draw and paint when I have time, as well as make other things by hand. You may find some of my artwork at my art blog Art for the King. I also have an Etsy shop and a few things for sale on Zazzle.

If you need to contact me, you may email me at

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me and for stopping by to say hello. I do love my readers' comments. May God bless you.

Mrs. Q

Thank God, O women for the quietude of your home, and that you are queen in it. Men come at eventide to the home; but all day long you are there, beautifying it, sanctifying it, adorning it, blessing it.

Better be there than wear a queen's coronet. Better be there than carry the purse of a princess. It may be a very humble home. There may be no carpet on the floor. There may be no pictures on the wall. There may be no silks in the wardrobe; but, by your faith in God, and your cheerful demeanor, you may garniture that place with more splendor than the upholsterer's hand ever kindled.

~ T. DeWitt Talmage

Christian motherhood means dedicating your entire life in service of others. It means standing beside your husband, following him, and investing in the lives of children whom you hope will both survive you and surpass you. It means forgoing present satisfaction for eternal rewards. It means investing in the lives of others who may never fully appreciate your sacrifice or comprehend the depth of your love. And it means doing all these things, not because you will receive the praise of man — for you will not — but because God made you to be a woman and a mother, and there is great contentment in that biblical calling.
~Doug Phillips

I work for a King. He has put me in charge of his home. When He comes to see how I have managed His possessions and His children, I do not want to be found wanting. I want to do my best. Everything I have is on loan from Him. I have room and board and a job to do, but it is all for Him. Therefore I want to dress my best and do my best in all my work. I also want to be creative, for this is a sincere attempt to glorify Him and His beautiful creation. How I manage my home is a form of worship to Him.

~Lydia Sherman

Please visit her here and let her know I sent you!

Blessings, Tracylea


  1. Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoy my blog and appreciate you sharing it with others.

    God bless,
    Mrs. Q

  2. PS. How do you know Tracy Haroldson? We go to church with them!



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