Tuesday, May 7, 2013


With the encouragement of a very dear friend, it was her idea and I stole it, I am taking a fast from facebook for 40 days. 

What?????Why?????????? Because I want to read more, blog some and generally quit wasting so much time on other peoples business.

I am a nosey person, there I said it.  I like to know others business, what they are doing and why.  I am not much on spreading that business, I just like to know it.  Does this make me a bad person, sometimes.  Does this make me a time waster, always.  Could I find better uses for my time,  defiantly. 

Here is some advice to see if you might need a facebook fast:

  • Track how many minutes you spend on facebook in a day.
  • See how many people on your friends list are friends in real life. If they are when was the last time you spoke face to face with them, or even on the phone?
  • Do you pray and read your bible first thing in the morning, or do you get on facebook?
  • Do you get on facebook to continue an argument from the day before?
  • Do you stay up past bedtime to see what someone will say next?
  • Do you ever say to yourself, why didn't I get ______ done today?
  • Do you feel sad or depressed after reading facebook?

Just some ideas to batter around.  I waste to much time and am guilty of all of these.  So I am glad to take this fast.  And I pray that I will come out learning something about why facebook is so important to me and if I am pleasing the Lord with its use.

Here is a good blog post on the subject:


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  1. I know exactly what you mean! :). Last year, I deleted all of my local Facebook friends and am only friends with people who live out of town. I just figured, Why waste time looking at pictures of you and your family online when we could get together in real life and have dinner or go to a park etc? Good Luck with your fast!



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