Monday, March 29, 2010

Things I have learned from Rozella

I have a friend, who is 88 years old. She is amazing. Her name is Rozella. I have learned so much from her.

One thing I have learned is to never stop learning. Read, watch TV, and ask questions. Sometimes when Rozella wants to ask me a question she will say "Now get this......" and then ask the question. One time I was telling her something and she said "That is groovy man........." She sounds like a really bad hippie in a little old ladies body. She tells us all about the shows she watches on tv or what she reads. She is an avid PBS watcher. She is still learning.

Another thing she has taught me is to always, and I mean always, be busy. Rozella volunteers everywhere, mainly at the hospital and at the school. I volunteer with her at the school and she runs circles around me. She puts the dishes away and cleans the counters. But her main job is to serve the kids dessert. And she hates it on brownie day. Actually, she doesn't hate it, they are just a little challenging to her. She will say to me, "what is the deally-o with these brownies, they are so sticky". They usually stick to the spatula she is using to serve them. This really bothers her, not because of the mess, but because of the waste. She hates to waste things. Which brings me to another thing I have learned from her.

Don't waste things. Rozella lived through the depression and she knows this is the way to go. She believes the motto use it up or wear it out. She told us last week she has had the same couch for 50 years. She had it reupholstered in 1975, but it is still as good as new! She wore the prettiest modern suit to a friends wedding last summer, she had bought it in 1978 and it had come back into style. She looked great, man.

One time Rozella told me if she died in front of me, not to give her CPR. I thought she was joking, but she wasn't. She is more than ready to go to our Lord and her Kelly. And that brings me to the last thing I have learned from Rozella. Always look to the Lord. He will always be there. You see Rozella has outlived her Kelly (Kelso) her husband and a daughter, and many family and friends. All of these things were very hard on her and she still tears up when she talks about them. But the Lord never left her during this time, just ask her. One time she told me, I love the Lord more today than yesterday and I hope that goes on and on.

I would give Rozella CPR or a kidney, if she wanted it. I just spent three weeks going from store to store looking for beef liver for her this winter. I would do anything she asks me, she means the world to me. I love Rozella and still have alot to learn from her.

She is cool, man.

Blessings, Tracylea

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