Monday, March 8, 2010

Tomatoes, just in case

Last week I read this article here and it got me thinking. We use tomatoes alot: salsa, pasta sauce, ketchup, soup and fresh. If restaurants and stores are going to be increasing prices on fresh, I imagine it won't be long until the canned and bottles are increased (although the article says they are grown in California).

Today while I was at Target I noticed they had sauce for .84 cents a jar. I bought three. Then I went to the canned food isle and bough a few cans, just in case. Just in case, they go up, run out or I need them and don't want to pay full price.

This got me thinking. Aren't we, as Keepers of our Homes, to always keep "just in case" in mind. Just in case of an emergency, storm, shortage or necessity.

There was a large recall of food last week, nothing I had bought was on there but I decided to keep the website at hand, just in case. I keep a folder on my computer of recalled items. I keep my eyes open to articles like the one above. I also like to keep and ear open to what is going on in the food world around us. Just in case.

Having a full pantry is wonderful. It gives me a good sense of well-being. I have built this pantry over time. Just trying to add $10 worth of extras, items on sale, during each shopping trip. All the items are ones I use, so nothing goes to waste. But we have things, just in case we need them. Here is one example of what to keep in a pantry. What items you keep and how much depends on your family size and likes. I don't try to keep a certain number of months supply, but enough to rotate easily.

Some of my favorite sites to visit for this information are:

I am sure there are many more out there to be found.

Blessings dear ones, Tracylea

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