Monday, March 21, 2011

Circling The Wagons

circle the wagons :
To take a defensive position; become defensive.

We are circling the wagons at our place this week. What does that involve you ask? Well it sure doesn't meant to be defensive as the above definition shows. But it does mean to defend. Last night DH and I talked about bringing the family in, circling the wagons as such. For the last 6 or so months it seems we are going in 100 different directions, some of them good most of them not so good. We have become busy, short sighted and we are all lacking drive. Our service to the Lord is slowing and we are getting luke warm, and we all know that aint good! Actually I am getting down right discouraged and that just isn't normal for me.

So then what is this circling the wagons all about, you ask? Well we are going to start today with some home cleaning and organizing. I already have a large bag ready for the thrift store. We are going to eat every meal this week at home, make from scratch and made by mom. No more eating out every day, sometimes twice a day. We aren't going to go, just to go, this week, we are staying home. We are going to sit as a family each night and study His word, we will discuss it until we are done, not until something comes up. We are going to spend time as a family and enjoy this wonderful world the Lord has provided. Home is going to be our center, and we are staying there.

The world can come in to our lives in many ways: tv, computer, reading, friends, family, church, work, clubs. This week we are going to take a step back and stop the world from leaking in. We are going to defend our camp, we are going to take a defensive position for our home.

What about you sweet friend, is it time to circle the wagons at your place? Take a look around: are people arguing, is your home out of sorts, are you and dh simply passing in the night, was dinner last night, and the night before and so on fast food? Is your bible getting dusty? Hmmm, might be time.

Blessings, Tracylea

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