Monday, March 7, 2011


Proverbs 25:28

28He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

Remember the good old days when you never heard of the word facebook? I used to get it confused with my space and call it myface or spacebook~! Oh the good old days.......... Well this week my dear husband asked me to take a break from Facebook. And it has been hard, really hard. I think I am addicted. But I am doing it (Well not until I caved after 24 hours the first time.) But really it should be ok, right?...Right?....RIGHT????!

We all have our things we really enjoy. Things we just can't live without. But a social media site really should not be one of them. I am embarrassed to admit, even to you dear friends, how often in a day I get on to check things out. I am embarrassed to admit the number of things, INCLUDING COOKIES, that I have burned "playing" on facebook. It is terribly embarrassing to tell you of my total lack of self-control in this area.

Sisters am I preaching to the choir about this? Do you have a little harmless addiction that you could stand to take a break from? Then I want to encourage you to do just that. Ask this one question, "Am I honoring God with my time?"

I think dear husband has it right. This week I am going to step back and see how truly addicted to facebook I am. Can I live a healthy, God honoring life without it. We will see. I imagine I can, but at this point I am that fool in Proverbs 25:28 and have no rule over my own spirit and my city is getting broken down or in our case my cookies are getting burned.

Blessings, Tracylea

(Update: for those of you who see my post via facebook, no I haven't already broken down, this automatically post there!)

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  1. Very true, Tracy. I fasted from facebook in order to pray for a little 7 year old girl battling "incurable" brain cancer. I quickly found out how many times per day I am compelled to go to facebook. Especially since much of my job-related work is done on my laptop. It's so easy to pop on over to my friend, FB. Kate's name reached heaven countless times during my fast!!!



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