Friday, April 9, 2010

Budget......what stinkin budget??????

Again today I read in the paper of local government/schools having to close locations because there is not enough funding.

My local Library system announced this week that they "had" to close 6 branches of the library because of a funding deficit. Yet they have over spent their budgets in the past and just within the last two year built a huge library downtown that had many unnecessary luxuries added to it. (Not to mention that it was built wrong and had to be fixed.)

Can we say BUDGET?

Earlier this year our local school system announced they had to close two of our school and consolidate others, plus start charging for riding the bus and sports activities, because they too had a deficit. This school corporation built a huge football stadium a few years back, that sits empty most of the time, at a price of over $4 million dollars.

Can we say BUDGET?

Hmmmm.....this is starting to get out of hand. Just this week Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke out about our growing national deficit, here. I don't think I need to even go into the overspending of our government.

What if we ran our households like this.......oh, many of us do. But it is time for all this to stop. Stop incurring debt at home, schools, churches, cities and finally our nation.

I really like Dave Ramsey and his take on things:
"Debt is dumb and cash is king". Dave has some wonderful free advice at his website and he has many books that you can check out from the local library. His baby steps are a wonderful start! But we all need to start.

If you are debt free, great, how about talking to others about how you got there. If not, the time to start is now.

Blessings, Tracylea

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