Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Every little bit counts

Ladies, I am starting a new weekly blog post called "Every little bit counts". Each week I will post a helpful tip for saving money. Here is the first one:

Have you heard of SwagBucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine that pays you to use it with 'swagbucks', which are electronic money you can use to buy things from their store (anything from amazon credit to guitars). All you have to do it sign up and search: .

I want to say this does really work and so far I have had no ill effects from it. I have "won" enough points each month to buy two $5 Amazon gift cards per month. I wanted to do this for at least 4 months before I mentioned it. If you haven't already, maybe give it a try.

Blessings, Tracylea

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  1. I keep seeing this. I do which sounds similar. You receive emails for points - Don't buy what's in the email that won't help you in saving- but they have a search engine that earns you points as well ($25 amazon but I'm saving up for christmas)

    Might try swagbucks



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